4 Main Reasons Why Studying In UK

4 Main Reasons Why Studying in UK is Beneficial

If studying abroad is your dream, then study in UK should be your top priority. UK has emerged as a hub for lakhs of students from all over the world through its expertise and quality education. Though there are numerous reasons of studying in UK, here are the 4 best reasons to convince yourself why UK is the dream destination for many students.

1. Hub of many best universities

For international students, UK has always been an ideal place to study. The UK universities and educational institutions offer impeccable study experience that enhances student’s personal and professional skills to the fullest. The universities of UK are ranked among the top universities of the world for their academic excellence and best amenities to the students. Once you complete your graduate or postgraduate program from UK university, you will receive numerous opportunities to work toward their dream career. In short, UK gives you the wings to fly.

2. Birth of nobel prize laureates

UK has been a mother land for many nobel prize laureates that includes scientists, composers, authors, etc. of English and international recognitions. The best examples to consider are the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. The University of Oxford has 11 international alumni and University of Cambridge has 18 international alumni with such credentials. The credit goes to the UK universities for impacting the career of so many international students and encouraging them to achieve laurels in their field of study. The unmatched higher education system in the UK continuously provides space for their innovation and improvement along with the best career opportunities.

3. Excellent employment opportunities

In a survey of Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), over 81% of graduates are employed full-time and 76% of respondents were employed in highly-skilled occupations. The survey and other related studies proved that the UK graduates are able to withstand the global market quite successfully compared to other students.

4. Post-study work visa from 2021

A great news to the students who want to go to UK for overseas education. UK is considering offering a post-study work visa in 2021 to remain as the top destination to study for international students. The students can now study in UK and pick up two years of employment after finishing their studies. It helps them in gaining international work experience and exposure that will add value to your profile. The UK has enrolled this option to allow students to settle in the country eventually. The students of 2020 onwards are eligible for the visa and can claim it after their graduation.

There are many such provisions that the universities of UK offer from time-to-time. Once you have made up your mind of going to UK for higher studies, you must follow various journals to keep yourself updated with all such provisions. Alternately, overseas educational consultants like IDI can also help you with the latest provisions and benefits as they will be updated with the required news to channelize their students.


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