Admission Process for Australia

For studying in Australia, we guide students for both admission to an institution followed by securing a student visa from the Government of Australia.

This is a process which is based on following steps:

  • Selecting the preferred course and the institution.
  • Submission of your application to the chosen institution(s).
  • Receiving a Letter of Offer and Accepting it.
  • Receiving the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).
  • Applying for the final formality of a student visa.

There are certain entry requirements which a student needs to fulfill such as:

  • The Necessary Academic requirements.
  • Standard English language requirements.
  • Evidence of funds for supporting your study in Australia.
  • Overseas student health cover.

 IDI Overseas makes the process of applying to the Australian institutions an easy one, and this will involve some time as well as careful planning.

The process of application involves few steps like:

Step 1: Selecting the course and the institution

Step 2: Applying for the course

Step 3: Getting the application processed

Step 4: Acceptance of your offer

Step 5: Preparing for the departure


Step 1: Selecting the course and the institution

 The expert counselors and staff of IDI Overseas will help you in carefully researching the available courses, as well as the institutions and their locations. We need to examine the specializations which are offered through the different courses and which set of specializations will ideally suit your planned career path.

Once we have agreed for the best course, we will help you to find the institutions or the education providers offering it and which university or college best suits your requirements. The student should look at the size of the campus, the available range of facilities and the support services which are being offered for the international students.

Step 2: Applying for the course

Once the student has selected the course and education provider, then it is the time to start applying. We will contact the institution of your choice so that we provide you all the information required.

Before applying, students need to check the right academic and English language entry requirements to make sure that you are actually eligible. If students do not meet the entry requirements, they may have to choose a different course or apply for a bridging course or any foundation course that will enhance your chances. We will be in touch with the institution and ask enquire about the application requirements and also deadlines, since it differs for each college or institution. We will inform you of the important deadlines to ensure that you meet them. Students should also consider time taken for posting the mail.

International students should be applying directly to the Australian institutions, either through the post or online. The application forms have to be downloaded from the institutions’ websites or we can request those forms to be posted. An education agent like IDI Overseas can make the right difference here. The student application form will clearly ask the students to specify the course(s) you will be applying for and provide detailed information for all the documentation students have to fulfill.

 The standard application forms include:

  • Student’s personal details
  • Certified proof of student’s English language proficiency levels
  • Details related to the previous academic qualifications, like the academic transcripts
  • The course preferences which the student will be applying for
  • A summary of the candidate’s employment experience (if it is applicable).

 If you are still in the process of completing your education, then usually providing the evidence of your most recent marks till you get your final results will be enough. If the documents which is supplied by the students is not in English, then an official certified translation has to be provided. There will be a fee associated with this process.

Before submitting the application, we will help students in checking their visa requirements by consulting the local Australian visa office or online information at the official Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website to make sure that the candidate qualifies for a student visa after the application is successfully accepted.

Step 3: Getting the application processed

Once the college or the institution receives your application, then it will be assessed and students will be notified of the result. This process may take a few weeks (or even longer for the postgraduate applications) before the application is processed completely.

The whole process might even extend for few months, in certain cases based on the season of student intake and other factors, which is at the discretion of the university or the college.

Step 4: Acceptance of your offer

After your student application is accepted, you will be receiving a letter of offer and also an acceptance form. Before you accept this offer, you have to carefully read this letter of offer clearly and check for any terms and conditions that may apply. You should also be able to meet these conditions before a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is issued by the institution. You should be able to make the payment of tuition fees before your college issues the CoE. The college will clearly advise students of its requirements.

Step 5: Preparing for the departure

Since you are now accepted as a student, it is time to complete the process of applying for your student visa. We will be helping you for applying your student visa with either the letter of offer or your CoE, but the students should be able to supply the evidence of CoE before the student visa is issued or granted.

At this stage, we will help you in purchasing your plane tickets, organizing your Overseas Student Health Cover. You should be able to arrange for your accommodation in Australia. College will usually send you a clear admissions package with all the information that will be helpful for you in preparing for your journey to Australia. This also includes the information related to your course and the accommodation options, different figures and facts about the location, along with the financial information and details related to the orientation programs offered at the college/university/institution.



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