Things You Should Know Before Going to Study in Australia

To study in Australia requires proper planning as it is one of the largest continents with diverse climatic conditions. When you plan to study abroad, you have to have a defined strategy and this strategy should be specifically defined for a destination Australia. You may need to consult a good overseas educational consultant who can guide you about the universities, education, expenses, living, job, etc. An overseas consultant like IDI guides the students from their root thought of study in Australia to their arrival and settlement on the continent.

Here are few things that you should know before going to study in Australia

Visa + Health Insurance

To study in Australia, you need a student visa which is virtually linked to your passport. Though the process to apply for the Australian visa is easy, the fee is higher. But it is again all worth your money spent! Along with a visa, you also need health insurance. When you travel to Australia on a study abroad program, you get health insurance by default with the visa. But if you have applied directly with a university, then you need an exclusive health insurance in Australia. The government of Australia is specific about overseas student health cover (OHSC).

Where to study in Australia

Three are different kinds of places in Australia and as a student you should reconsider your study abroad plan. Being a business administration student, you may choose to study abroad in Sydney. For a biology and marine student, study in Queensland will be a better option. The cities like Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, etc. have more options to study in Australia.

Pre-research about the country

Make sure to research and collect as much information as possible about the pros and cons of study in Australia. Learn about the different cities of Australia, weather, travel, work, etc. Being a well-educated visitor will help you in settling down at a new place comfortably.

Different grading system

The grading system in Australia is different, it is tough. The Grade ‘D’ stands for Distinction, a better of this would be ‘HD’ which means High Distinction. Similarly, Grade ‘C’ stands for Credit, ‘P’ stands for Pass and ‘F’ for Fail. Don’t freak out if you get ‘D’ as your grade in your tests.

Working in Australia while studying

Australia allows international students to work for specific hours every week. You can reclaim the money that you have spent on the expensive Australian visa. The wages are considerably higher, making it worth to earn for your expenses.

Open a bank account in Australia

It would be worth having a bank account in an Australian bank. This way you can avoid unnecessary fees with your Indian bank account. If you are spending more than a semester in Australia and have taken up a job too, then an Australian bank account will be helpful for payments and deposits.After knowing the required details, it becomes easier to fly to Australia for higher education. Get ready to have more fun!


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