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Study at Top Universities in Canada

International education is the first and foremost step, that will shape your career after the completion of formal education in India. There are many countries all over the world, you can choose to, for the purpose of education and Canada is one such country, which is quite popular all over.

Canada is considered one of the best places for pursuing your higher studies. The country attracts thousands of students from all over the world every year. The universities in Canada offer world-class education, which is recognized globally. A degree from a recognized Canadian university is considered to be of great value which is also equivalent to the degrees issued by Universities in US, Australia, and other European Countries. The Government and also the Universities provide many benefits especially for the students so that they can pursue their studies successfully. The high academic standards and quality education levels helps the students to emerge as successful graduates from the universities in the country.

Students, especially International students can enjoy access to valuable education at affordable fees, when compared to students from other countries across the globe. Apart from low fees, the scholarship opportunities reduce the burden while students will get the best possible education at minimal fees. The education standards of most universities is considered to be on par with universities of US and Europe.

Study at Top Universities in Canada

Lifestyle in the Campus

In addition to education, there are many events that will be happening in the university. Every university has its own calendar of events and parties that involves the active participation of students, which are not only related to studies but also cultural events which helps students to be part of multicultural people in the university. These events help students in coming out of any stress due to a number of extracurricular activities. Most of the Universities offer students free access to free Wi-Fi, journals, Daily newspapers, magazines, and many more. International Students can definitely enjoy the unique lifestyle and fun way of academic learning while pursuing higher education in Canada.

Congenial Environment

Canada is a place that not only nurtures students’ minds but also nourishes their taste and desire for an ideal and peaceful environment. Canada attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world every year who visit the amazing destinations, depicting the beauty of nature. Students enjoy their time exploring nature, wildlife, and amusement parks. Students in the coastal belt can enjoy the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The clean, hygienic, and safe environment of Canada adds much more beauty to the place. Students arriving in Canada for higher education often visit the popular and widespread tourist spots in the country.

Employment Opportunities

While studying, students can take up part-time jobs both on campus as well as off-campus. There is no need for a work permit to work on campus and students can actually work up to 20 hours every week. There is a wide range of part-time job options available off-campus in Hotels, hostels, Tutor, general labor, etc. After completion of graduation, there are many employment opportunities available for students in the technical domain. Students with the right knowledge and skill sets get placed easily among top companies with their cherished dream job. Job prospects are quite strong for international students.


A work permit visa is given to students along with a study visa. After completion of graduation, students can settle here and work here for two years and after the completion of one-year students, they can apply to become a permanent resident of Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made it easier for students to get student visas and help them during their stay in Canada for the purpose of higher education. Many people who have come here on student visas, eventually become Permanent Residents and citizens of this country.

Research Infrastructure

Research is one of the important components for a graduate student. The universities in Canada support students who come forth with their best research ideas and many scholarships are offered to students for supporting their research works. Students can pursue research in any field of interest and in this regard, they receive the support of faculty in university. The field of Higher education in Canada helps researchers and scholars in utilizing their qualifications and knowledge in several disciplines.


Canada, located in North America experiences a warm summer and a very cold winter every year. The temperature reaches a maximum of 30°C in summer. Students who come from hot countries like India feel comfortable in the summer. In winter, the climate of Canada changes wherein the temperature reduces even to a minimum of -20°C. Most of the people stay indoors during the winter season as a result of snowfall.

The spring season is accompanied by a chilly breeze flowing all over the country. Autumn is the most convenient and beautiful seasons in Canada when the leaves of trees and plants turn orange, red and this presents a beautiful sight to watch. It is considered as the best season of Canada.

Values and Culture

Every year thousands of immigrants from all over the world arrive in Canada to stay permanently on Permanent Resident Visas. The country has become a comfortable home for a number of students who arrive here for higher education and the warmth here makes them feel as if they are in their home country. Old immigrants and people welcome the new immigrants arriving in Canada. There is value and dignity here, as part of Canadian culture and once you complete your education and get work permit, you can eventually apply for Permanent Residency and settle in the country.

A Safe and Secure Country

The Government and Universities ensure the safety of students both inside the university and all across the country. Right from health care to security, there are necessary measures taken to ensure that the students are safe. Students enjoy freedom and government provides protection with respect to the human rights and equality that keeps the society peaceful. Medical insurance is inexpensive in in Canada. Canada has been rated as one of the best places to live in the world by the United Nations consistently over the last decade.

Multilingual Society

English and French are the major and official languages of Canada. After their arrival here, number of students and immigrants realize that it is a multilingual country where people speak many languages and belong to different religions and culture. There are at least 200 languages spoken in the country, and there is very less racism, which means respect and honor for students from all cultural backgrounds. This is one major reason that makes Canada quite popular for international students.


Can I stay in Canada after graduation?
According to the Canadian immigration policy, there are many ways for international students many to stay and also settle in the country after their graduation. The most popular option available for international students after completing their graduation is the issuing of an open work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP).

Under the PGWPP, individuals who have studied full-time at any participating Designated Learning Institution (DLI) are considered eligible to apply for a PGWP.

What are the different intakes/admission seasons in Canada?
Unlike Indian universities which have a single intake, the Canadian colleges and universities have three intakes. It is also considered a semester in some of the institutions. The three main intakes available in Canada include:
This is a popular intake among Indian students that starts in the month of September.
This intake starts in January.
This is available for only limited programs and colleges, and it starts usually around April and May.
What is the cost involved for studying in Canada?
Tuition fees which has to be paid varies based on the level of education, course/program, and the institution. Our consultants at IDI Overseas will help you with more information.
Can I work during my studies in Canada?
An international student is eligible to work while taking up education in Canada. The student must be having a valid study permit and has to be enrolled full-time at Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Study permit holders are allowed to work for about 20 hours per week during the regular academic sessions and they can even work full time during the scheduled breaks. In case you are enrolled for a full-time academic, professional or any vocational training program at a designated learning institution, you will be eligible to work “off-campus” without any work permit. However, the study permit should specify clearly that you are authorized to even work off-campus.
Students who are enrolled in programs like English as a Second Language (ESL) or French as a Second Language (FSL) programs are not eligible to work with a study permit.


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