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Study at Top Universities in USA
American universities are quite popular all over the world for their impeccable quality of teaching and research. The United States of America is the number one and also the largest destination for international students looking for a bright career with higher education in overseas. The overall education system in USA is considered the most flexible and versatile higher education system for international students from all over the world.
Currently, more than 30 percent of all the international students in the world are pursuing their education in the United States. The US is home to some of the world’s top institutions and there are more than 4,000 other world-class universities here, providing top-notch education resulting in one’s career success. The US is known for being a hub of the world’s ground-breaking innovations and developments in the field of technology, business, arts, and many more.
There are many reasons which make U.S. higher education, a popular choice for many career aspirants in the world.
Study at Top Universities in USA

Excellence in Academics

The U.S. is known for one of world’s finest education systems, with many universities offering acclaimed programs across all disciplines. At the undergraduate level, there are outstanding program options available in conventional subjects and also professional fields while students of the Master’s and Ph.D. level gain an opportunity to work with some of the finest researchers in the world and also work with them. Qualifications awarded by the U.S. universities are recognized all over the world for its quality and academic brilliance.

Diverse Education Opportunities

The higher education system of the USA has much to offer for every student. The program structure here places equal emphasis on creating a strong theoretical base along with sufficient emphasis on the practical exposure and employment-related skills. For students looking to enroll for an unusual or specific program too, there is more than one program to choose from the Universities in the U.S.!

Cutting-Edge Research and Technology

The U.S. universities are world leaders when it comes to technology and scientific techniques, and the institutions are highly committed to provide the same resources to the students. The emphasis here is to acquaint the students with the latest knowledge in the core fields of science, engineering, and also other related fields. The end result is that there are work-ready graduates with appropriate skill sets aided by the most recent technology.

Scope for Teaching, Research and Training

In USA, at the graduate level, there are students gaining valuable experience in terms of research and teaching with the help of many assistantship programs available to them. These quality assistantships are helpful for students in financing their higher education in USA. The practical experience which they gain will be highly useful for future careers in the field of teaching and research.

Global Recognition for Education

Academic study and quality experience from a U.S. university are known for its great and positive reputation in the international job market. A U.S. degree dramatically contributes for a student’s long-term career-oriented goals. The experience gained here helps students to build critical thinking skills, develops more self-confidence as well as cross-cultural skills. These attributes are highly rewarded and valued by the employers worldwide.

Vibrant Campus Life

There is a diverse choice of academic, as well as cultural and athletic activities in US universities for students to choose from. This not only serves to enrich their educational experience but also helps students in becoming confident and professional, global citizens. Many universities also have a cricket team apart from other fraternities, along with the regional and ethnic clubs.

Assistance for International Students

U.S. universities have always welcomed international students for pursuing higher education with open arms and there are strong support systems for helping the students in adjusting comfortably to their new life in the U.S.
Services section of the international student office helps students in making a smooth transition to new environment. Support is offered all through the year right from organizing the orientation programs to other assistance with academic writing as well as building resumes when students get ready to graduate.

Wide Range and Flexibility of Courses

The higher education system of USA offers a wide range of courses within a program and there is also an opportunity to change the majors or choose multiple specializations. While studying in the advanced stages of an undergraduate program the students can customize the program to meet their specific career aspirations such as combining courses in even music with engineering.
Students can make their own timetable at the graduate level and complete their course credits at a comfortable pace, within a stipulated time frame.


What should I study and where to study in USA after 12th?
Selecting a program and also an institution in the US is completely based on your interests, as well as the academic background, and overall budget. In order to finalize what to study and what course to pursue, you can start off by creating a proper list of your interests and skills.
You can do some research to understand the kind of skill set or interests which offer you a good scope professionally. You can next narrow the search for those relevant courses and institutions. You should also take into account the intakes related to your preferred courses since not all the universities or colleges offer the exact programs for all the intakes.
We will help you to select a course that suits your academic profile and matches the best. You are free to schedule a free counseling session with our experienced and expert counselors who can suggest you the right courses, until the process of application submission, and visa procedure.
What to study and where should I study in USA after graduation?
Taking up a Master’s course in USA is definitely one of the best decisions in life as it not only enhances one’s technical skills but also deliver an edge for your CV over others.
As a resourceful Indian student who has an undergrad degree, you can look forward to join an institution where there is more emphasis on practical knowledge, as well as hands-on experience and that makes you job-ready.
In USA, the universities accord high importance on diversity, where you interact with the people of different age groups, religions and also nationalities. This creates a stimulating and also a rich learning environment fostering cross-cultural understanding and social networking. Moreover, as the American education system is based on practical learning that encourages students to be more creative, along with independent thought and debate, it’s a most sought after destination to study.
In the domain of graduate programs in the US, there are two major categories – namely Master’s and Doctoral. In the US, the Master’s programs are offered in quite a few different areas and there are two major course types – academic and professional.
The highest degree which is available for students completing their bachelor’s in India, in the US is doctoral degree. Students need to deliver their original piece of research work after enrolling in a doctoral degree. Doctoral students here should be able to even complete their coursework and written exams in addition to the focus on their research.
Go through the important subjects you had learnt as part of your undergraduate program and then list down the ones which interests you. Narrow down the search to your preferred interest and then start searching for the possible programs and universities.
The process of applying to the American universities and institutions mandates that you take certain language and/or aptitude examinations. Hence, your academic scores should also be considered while deciding what to study and where to study. Take into account the intake offered for your preferred list of courses and then you has to start preparing accordingly.
Our experienced counselors at IDI Overseas can help you in identifying and securing the right university or college where you can excel academically. Visit our IDI overseas office today for free counseling regarding how to advance your post-graduate career in USA.
What is the student intake option in USA?
There are three intakes for students in USA, namely Fall , summer and spring.
When should I start my admission process?
It is a wise option to start the process of admission 3 to 4 months before the intake season start.
What are the different options for accommodation available in the US?
You can choose on-campus residence facilities or look for off-campus accommodation as an Indian student. There are dormitories, sororities, and fraternities available for students from other countries in USA. You should apply for them separately and on time to be able to book a slot for yourself. You can even opt for off-campus accommodation where you will be sharing apartments with other students who have come from India or you can even be accommodated in a home-stay. Your university offers help and guidance regarding off-campus accommodation as there are a list of options that is available. There are student notice boards in institutions which offer information regarding the accommodation listings located nearby.
The rental terms and budget differ from city to city. In case you land before the date of your course commencing, you should look for any of the short-term accommodation options which are available in the US. You can try your chance at discounted/budget hotels, backpackers’ hostels, or any temporary housing offered by your university.


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