Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

If you aspire to study abroad, you will go through various options. The overloaded information available on the internet is enough to confuse you to an extent that you may feel like dropping the plan. We suggest you consult good overseas educational consultants who can guide you perfectly. In this article, we would like you to guide on education in Canada and why it is getting popular with international students.

The top 10 reasons for Indian students to study in Canada –

Safety and security

Along with few other countries of the world, Canada also stands as one of the safest places to live and visit. With its low crime rate, the country attracts many international students to study and live securely.

Economical fee

Education in Canada is affordable compared to other English-speaking countries. Despite low fees, the universities of Canada are recognized for their academic excellence.

Affordable and best health care

The national healthcare system of Canada provides coverage to citizens as well as to international students. In the absence of national coverage, private insurance is affordable. The health services are also inexpensive and are few of the best in the world.

Diverse degree programs

Canadian universities offer over 15,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, thus providing a great option for foreign students to visit and study in Canada. All the diverse disciplines are internationally recognized.

Employment potential

Last but not least, Canada permits international students to work on campus while pursuing their studies without a separate work permit. After graduation, the international students can live and work in Canada for an extra year. Post this, permanent residency is required to stay further.

UN recognition

Due to the various favourable reasons including healthcare, higher education facilities, social security, and appreciable quality of life, the United Nations has recognized Canada as one of the best places in the world to live.

Varied climate

The geographical area of Canada is vast and is covered with scenic coastal towns, vibrant cities, big national parks, etc. By living on Canadian land, you can experience both snow and sunshine. One can cherish the distinct seasons depending on the city’s weather you are staying in.

Experience multiculturalism

Canada has a national policy for multiculturalism, which means that it hosts nearly a million aboriginal people along with thousands of international students coming from different parts of the world. You will find people from different cultures, customs, and traditions staying in Canada.

Scenic beauty

Canada has majestic mountains, tranquil lakes, lush fields, and many natural scenic beauties for everyone to enjoy. The cleanliness of a few of the cities in Canada is world-known.

Linguistic opportunities

Even though the official languages of Canada are English and French, the universities provide training in various international languages. It is the best place to learn English as well as French before beginning your degree program.

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